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  1. Ambhar® Tequila Plata
    Ambhar® Tequila Plata
    97% of 100

    Our Ambhar® Plata or silver tequila, is our clear exceptionally clean tequila. Made from the purest form of Blue Agave, it is mellowed in stainless steel tanks for 4 weeks to 2 months. It has a brilliantly pure spirit with a floral nose, a lively slightly citrus & lime flavours and a smooth finish.

    Blanco Tequila | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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  2. Ambhar® Tequila Reposado
    Ambhar® Tequila Reposado
    95% of 100

    Our Ambhar® Reposado, ultra-premium tequila is rested in premium whiskey barrels for over six months, far more than of your average Tequila. The aging gives this spirit its pale golden hue and remarkable smooth balance between the oak and agave flavor.

    Reposado Tequila | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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  3. Ambhar® Tequila Añejo
    Ambhar® Tequila Añejo
    85% of 100

    Ambhar® Añejo is our longest aged tequila. Aged for at least two years in Jack Daniels oak barrels, this spirit inherits unique flavor notes of cocoa, followed by a hint of sweetness. This extended amount of aging produces a darker amber colored tequila, balanced with caramel notes.

    Anejo Tequila | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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  4. Ambhar® Tequila Añejo Cristalino
    Ambhar® Tequila Añejo Cristalino

    Ambhar Cristalino is an exceptionally clean aged tequila. Crafted from the purest 100% Weber Blue Agave, aged for 18 months at american oak barrels creating a robust body with caramel notes.

    The aged Tequila is carefully filtered to create a clear color, with fine sweet pure aromas.

    Cristalino Tequila | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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  5. Ambhar® Tequila Extra Añejo
    Ambhar® Tequila Extra Añejo

    Our Extra Añejo is carefully aged in former whiskey oak barrels for five years, resulting in a tequila with a robust body and fine caramel notes.

    Ambhar Extra Añejo Tequila drinks like a fine Cognac, with hints of vanilla and maple. It’s perfect as a dessert drink by itself.

    Extra Añejo | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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